Will the Outbreak Leave Me in Darkness?

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

By Mahbuba Sumiya , Youth Editor-in-Chief, T in the D Magazine

Last September, I imagined myself revising the last few notes before I sat to take the SAT. I thought everything that I planned would work without any disruption. Just like all high school juniors around the nation, I felt the anxiety when I first heard school would be closed for several weeks due to the coronavirus. My email was bombarded with a lot of event cancellations. As each day passed, the condition was getting worse, and I was losing hope.

Before the coronavirus took over, I used to check Twitter once every day. As the tension and anxiety were rising, I realized that I was checking Twitter every hour, and it did not feel normal to me. It felt that I was starving for answers. 

Photo by Almighty Shilref from Pexels

The world seems to shut down around me. I stopped watching the news because the way it is  presented feels politicized for normal people who do not like politics. It’s terrifying to imagine how the schools, states, and individuals will cope with the lasting impact of the coronavirus. There are many big scary questions I ask myself, and I am not able to find any clear answers to any of them. After a couple months, I will have to decide which college I want to apply to. My initial plan from the beginning of the junior year was to visit colleges over the summer, but I guess coronavirus wanted to close the college doors for me before the summer even arrived. I can’t even decide whether I should consider myself lucky for the opportunity to do everything online, or unlucky for missing out on college visits, college application preparation, and one-on-one academic instructions. Everyday feels like living in darkness and uncertainty because of how out of control the whole situation is. Lately, I have been receiving one type of email in my inbox: “We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID- 19) situation, and we are not able to give a final thought.” I never imagined that I would ever live in a historical event and would be lost the way how I am now.

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