About the Project

Teens in the D

Teens in the D is a teen production project of Detroit City Youth Opportunities Magazine’s journalism program. We are teens from high schools or home schooled all over Detroit. We put our collective minds together to develop and produce a weekly video podcast to be taped in Detroit. The talk show format will feature youth issues and interests. We will interview young entrepreneurs, youth talents and activists, as well as adults who are invested in Detroit’s youth.

Our team has a few concepts for docuseries, which highlighting teen stories of resilience, success, and entrepreneurship. Recently, Teens in the D was asked to produce a documentary for the Million Children’s March this year in June!

As a pilot project of Detroit City Youth Opportunities Magazine, Teens in the D is an extension to the mission of being a platform for the youth voice. Our productions promote youth, and highlight and tell our stories when we win and win we lose. And all of this is from our viewpoint. What’s better than a platform developed by youth to promote youth? Who better to tell OUR stories than us? We are here to tell the world how great the young people in Detroit are!

For more information or to join the program, contact Ms. Kellom at vpdcyoppmagazine@gmail.com