Don’t clip your wings! Let them fly with your imagination!  


Teens in the D is calling all the teen writers (13-18) in Detroit to submit their writing for a chance to earn recognition and have their work published in a book.

Every writer has their own imagination that shines through in the writing they create. We want to give every teen writer a chance to let their voices be heard. Our goal is to share stories and talents of teens that come from different  backgrounds, cultures, and ethnic groups. We all share a story that makes us different, as well as alike. It is okay if our story is emotional; it is okay if our story is different, but it is not okay to suppress our stories. We deserve to be heard. WE DESERVE A PLATFORM.

How To Enter

Teens In The D is accepting submissions of previously unpublished writings.  Teens can submit for multiple mediums: Poems, Essays, Stories, Scripts, or Memoirs. 

Submissions must not exceed 650 words* limit. There is no word or line limit for the poem submissions.

All writing must be received by 28th (11:59 P.M EST) of each month. 


Be Yourself!

Teens In The D wants every teen writer to be proud of their submissions. We want to celebrate your writing and your unique message. There’s no need to copy the works of others , use YOUR VOICE. All we want from you is for you to be YOURSELF when you submit your work!
If a submission is copied from someone else and submitted as your own (plagiarized), you will be immediately disqualified and will not be able to submit with us again.


To apply, please click below.

You’ll hear from us soon!