Will the Outbreak Leave Me in Darkness?

By Mahbuba Sumiya , Youth Editor-in-Chief, T in the D Magazine Last September, I imagined myself revising the last few notes before I sat to take the SAT. I thought everything that I planned would work without any disruption. Just like all high school juniors around the nation, I felt the anxiety when I first heardContinue reading “Will the Outbreak Leave Me in Darkness?”

COVID-19 Cases Are Skyrocketing

By Mahbuba Sumiya, Teens in the D Editor The new pandemic, COVID-19, infected more than 300,000  people worldwide as of March 21, 2020 according to CNBC news. The number of cases will continue to grow until a new vaccine is introduced. It takes several months to produce a vaccine. The symptoms of the COVID-19 includeContinue reading “COVID-19 Cases Are Skyrocketing”