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Introduce yourself, DJ Z-Light!

Zoë “DJ Z-Light is a teen DJ, student, and business owner who has wowed diverse audiences of all sizes with her impeccable mixes, style, and charisma. Over the past 5 years, she ‘s provided premiere entertainment for weddings, birthday and graduation parties, corporate events, business grand openings and fundraisers. Her favorites include old school hip-hop, house, R&B and trap. 

Zoë is part owner in Global Kids Explore, LLC. where she has managed Z-Light Productions for the past five years. Her mentor is none other than Dj Invisible Carl Hollier, world famous Dj for hip-hop artist Xzibit. He has been instrumental in her success since she got her start at just 10 years old and remains a constant referral source. 

Zoë excels both on and off the stage. She is a rising 11th grader. She was also elected Parliamentarian for Oakland County’s Jack & Jill of America Teen Chapter and is member of Delta G.E.M.S, and organization dedicated to empower young women to reach and exceed their dreams. She has hosted and participated on youth panels for the Downtown Detroit YMCA, and the Torch of Wisdom Foundation. In addition to school and DJing, she enjoys studying Japanese, vegetarian cooking, music production and advocating for human rights.

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